Anesthesia assisted MRIs – MRI improvements at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

With the recent construction and install of our new MRI suite, it’s been our goal to not only improve on existing protocols but to add additional capabilities to our repertoire of services.  Since its inception in late 2010, we have already noticed improvements in patient satisfaction associated with the new, roomy accommodations, special lighting and audio/video entertainment systems.   

Jim Carr Retires after 50 years in Radiation Science

The hospital is losing a long time member of the Radiology staff.  Jim Carr has worked in the hospital’s Radiology Department for 29 years serving as Radiology Manager and also as Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist.  Jim spent 21 years in the Army before coming to Ridgecrest.  He spent most of his Army career at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.