December 2016 – Lucy Griffith

Lucy is an RN Charge Nurse at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. Lucy’s co-workers say they admire her strength and dedication to working at RRH; she goes above and beyond RRH’s values and mission statement. Her support and compassion towards the patients are an example for all of us. She is always cheerful, reliable and always willing to lend a hand when needed. Her level or service and quality to her department makes a big difference when caring for her patients, she is kind hearted and a joy to have at RRH.

December 2016 – Joy Fabile

Joy is a Clinical Lab Scientist II at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. Joy shows genuine values of excellence and compassion at work, her dedication is beyond words and also has the ability to inspire others through kindness, joy, and flexibility.  She is always cheerful and a very reliable person who loves to help and is always putting her patients first, She is a great and valued employee.

November 2016 – Ramchandra Bhamre

Ram always displays a positive attitude towards working in the medical field, always has a positive outlook towards working with hi co-workers and patients. Ram is committed to providing quality care to those he serves; demonstrating extraordinary quality of being hard working and it makes him a great role model to others. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always makes sure to see how everyone is doing and is ready to help if need be.

November 2016 – Amber Valentine


Amber has shown to be compassionate service provider; she fulfills a very demanding role in the rehab department, a very dependable and reliable worker which makes her an excellent employee. She is very responsible and honest she takes pride in her job and goes beyond her job duties and willing to help anyone who needs it no matter what it is. Assisting in scheduling registration service platforms and also assisting the therapist with patient care, she is a great asset to RRH.

October 2016 – Kim Duff & Chalise Thornton

Kim is a hard working dedicated manager who loves and respects all of her employees, the saying “you work harder when you feel appreciated” is how we feel about coming to work. But more importantly she cares about her patients and they always come first. She goes above and beyond to make sure the patients and staff members are treated fair, she is kind, firm, and amazing she has a great heart.

Chalise strives tirelessly to ensure that the lab produces accurate results and makes sure we are compliant with regulations for POC testing and  CLIA testing. She is a great mentor and supports her staff; she is loyal, hard working, and a dedicated employee. Chalise has always been willing to help out when things get busy and doesn’t hesitate to get right to it she makes things easier and we appreciate her immensely for being who she is.

September 2016 – Brynn Schuyler

Brynn Schuyler has consistently displayed excellence in her line of work with the highest degree of proficiency in all areas of the laboratory. Her compassionate nature has made work enjoyable, and always makes herself available to others and goes out of her way to help get things done. She is a role model for others in maintaining the integrity of the work we do in the lab.

September 2016 – Teanna Cooper

Teanna Cooper has demonstrated outstanding team work with the nurses, CNA’s and other staff members of the facility, she is out-going, dedicated, cheerful, and goes out of her way to help others. Teanna’s attention to detail and work ethic reflect the success of Bella Sera; she is an asset that any department would be proud to possess. With her new role as DSD she has created new and fun ways of learning for her fellow coworkers.

August 2016 – Tamra Chancey

Tamra Chancey is a Certified Medical Assistant. She was chosen by her fellow employees for employee of the month. Tamra goes above and beyond in her work duties, is dedicated to her job and is the “go to person” for anything. She always has a positive attitude and has great costumer service to our Patients, Staff, and Physicians; she really makes a difference in patient care.

August 2016 – Lois Taylor

Lois Taylor embodies the RRH mission and values of excellence, integrity, diversity, service and compassion. She has been employed at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital for 19 years and continues to serve patients with outstanding service; her compassion is exceptional. Lois has a “great work ethic that allows her co-workers to know that she is reliable,” since she is always on time and ready for work. “Thank you Lois for being such a wonderful part of our Patient Access Team!!!”

July 2016 – Dawn Butler


The echoing sentiments from Dawn Butler’s co-workers are that Dawn consistently, goes above and beyond what are her expected duties. It is rare to ask Dawn to do anything;  she anticipates what is needed by both the doctors and co-workers which makes her a joy to work with.  Additionally, she is the first person to be watchful for patient and staff safety.  She has a great attitude with everyone she comes in contact with.

July 2016 – Jason Kennedy


Jason Kennedy, although a RRH employee for 1 year, has been at Center Pharmacy since 2004.  Jason has taken the lead on numerous projects and initiatives to integrate Center’s operations into the RRH family. His thorough knowledge of outpatient pharmacy operations, exceptional customer skills and eagerness to embark on any challenge has created a smooth transition. His effective communication with co-workers, and his extraordinary organizational skills have improved pharmacy services. Above all, Jason’s friendly demeanor and helpful attitude exemplify our core values of excellence, integrity and service.

June 2016 – Kim Rubin


Kim Rubin, an LVN Resource Nurse for the QMS/Education Departments is an “amazing asset to the hospital.”  She was recommended for Employee of the Month due to her willingness to jump in whenever she is needed to support her co-workers, her willingness to learn new tasks, and her genuine concern for others.  Her desire is to continually advance herself, improve the hospital, and raise the quality of care for patients and the community is exemplified in all she does.

June 2016 – Jean Robbins


According to co-workers, there are not enough words to describe what a great asset Jean Robbins is to Ridgecrest Regional Hospital and to the community.   Jean is an RN Case Manager who uses a “diverse approach to the   individual needs of the patients and their families.”  She is not only compassionate but knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for patients and staff alike.  She goes above and beyond every working day and her positive attitude shines through every situation.

May 2016 – Colleen Bruce


Colleen has brought a wealth of knowledge with her to the finance department, and she has learned Ridgecrest Regional Hospital systems and processes quickly.  Colleen does a great job at making sure payroll is completed accurately and timely.  It has been noted that Colleen looks for ways to keep busy by assisting other departments and improving processes.  Colleen has also been very instrumental in assisting with updating the setup to programs.

May 2016 – Cary Ortiz


Cary is described as having outstanding patient customer service, she provides extraordinary nursing care, and creates great nursing values for future nurses.  Cary provides nursing excellence, compassion for the patient, and was able to instruct our nursing student with step-by-step perfect technique; thereby helping to create a future knowledgeable nurse.  Cary was nominated for her excellence, integrity, and professionalism.

April 2016 – Jill Owens

Jill is described as a caring, professional, dedicated, and motivated employee which is an asset to the Southern Sierra Medical Clinic team.  Jill has been a part of the Sierra Medical Clinic for over 15 Years; she is always caring and professional with patients.  Jill’s ability to work well with others helps to ensure seamless service for each patient. Jill’s compassion and knowledge of her position assure the smooth running of SSMC Orthopedic Clinic.

April 2016 – Erin Austin

Erin is described as an asset to the Health Information Management Department.  She does the work of multiple people and goes above and beyond to get the job done in a timely manner.  She has had to rearrange and change schedules to ensure continuous workflow.  Erin is always asking, “How can I help?  Would you like me to come in early or stay late?”  By Erin’s ability to rise to the occasion the HIM dept is running smoothly, her manager describes her as a blessing, with a great attitude and willingness to help.

March 2016 – Jacob Giacomelli

Jacob is described as the employee who “does the best job in this line of work.”  He is hard working, always on time, and will go the extra mile to ensure all Ridgecrest Regional Hospital staff is protected.  He is liked by co-workers and whenever he is needed, he is a team player.  His department is happy to have him on the security team and find Jacob a pleasure to work with.

March 2016 – Antonette James


According to the Dental Clinic Administrator, dentist and staff, Antonette symbolizes Ridgecrest Regional Hospital’s values by going above and beyond to provide quality care for the community.  She ensures that all patients receive perfect care while tending to her multi-faceted role, which includes assisting with staffing, ordering dental equipment/supplies, and conducting in-service training.  She does all of this with a smile and a great attitude that reflects her focus of always doing the right thing.

February 2016 – Zachary Sandoval


Zach is a Breakfast Cook at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

Zach demonstrates excellence in his work.  He completes tasks completely and thoroughly and is always the first to help others.  He is viewed as 100% dependable and highly ethical.  He will work shifts and jobs which he is unfamiliar without complaining.  He is pleasant to all people he encounters.  He thinks of others first and the friendly smile on his face, will put a happy smile on yours as well.

February 2016 – Elise Littleton


Elise is a Medical Secretary/Scheduler at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

Elise is described as kind, hardworking, driven and goes above and beyond her job description to ensure Ridgecrest Regional Hospital patient’s needs are met.  Her calming and reassuring tone of voice makes patients feel at ease.  She is compassionate and professional and her team members regard her highly.  Her job knowledge assures a smooth running department.

January 2016 – Meghan Aslanian


Meghan is a Staff Pharmacist at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

Meghan is one of Ridgecrest’s own Earn to Learn graduate from the University of San Diego’s School of Pharmacy.  She is a tireless worker and invaluable on many projects.  One project saved the hospital over $230,000 to date.  She has assisted in the new pharmacy design, nursing and patient education about medications, clinical monitoring and policy on thrombolytic  therapy.   Meghan is described as a “true success story.”

January 2016 – Lyndzey Cane


Lyndzey is a Unit Secretary at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

According to Lyndzey’s supervisor, “Lyndzey demonstrates what Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is all about.  She has excellent work ethic.  She demonstrates her integrity on a daily basis.  She never turns down a task but will smile and see it through to the end.  She shows compassion and patience with all our residents.  She has helped develop the transport van system as well as function as scheduler and dispatcher on top of all her other duties.  This a great employee!”

December 2015 – Cheri Sutton

Cheri is a Biller at RRH.

Cheri’s teammates have expressed that she will go the extra mile for Ridgecrest Regional Hospital’s elderly patients.   Cheri will take time to explain their balances, answer customer insurance questions, and anything related to their billing.  Several regular patients ask for her specifically.  They admire her dedication to patient service, knowledge and her compassion. Cheri’s entire department is in agreement that she is a great co-worker.

November 2015 – Tera Moorehead

Tera is the Director of Community Outreach at RRH.

Tera has been described as an employee who is inspires and motivates others.  She finds creative, fun and unique ways for employees to honor their  fellow co-workers.  She brings health awareness to the community and supports the Hospice Program by running the Annual Butterfly Release and Auction.  She continues to search for new and interesting activities while remaining open to new ideas.  She is a person with a positive attitude and is an asset to Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

October 2015 – Daphne Unhassobiscay & Suann Pitrangelo

We had two excellent nominees chosen for the month of October.  Daphne (above) joined Ridgecrest Regional Hospital in February 2014.  She is the Medical Office Clinical a Manager and received multiple compliments regarding her leadership skills.  Suann (below) joined the Hospital in December 1997.  She is the Information Systems Manager.  Her peers describe her as someone who leads by example.


September 2015 – Rhiannon Ancira

Rhiannon as a Biller in the Patients Accounts Department at RRH.

Rhiannon joined RRH as a Switchboard Operator in Communications in November 2010, and then went on to accept the positions of Financial Counselor and Biller II in 2012.  Possessing a vast array of experience and knowledge in insurance billing, she has proven to be a wonderful asset to the department.  Rhiannon is very personable with both patients and co-workers, and has a strong work ethic that fosters professionalism, integrity, and a positive attitude.  She is committed to quality and excellence, and always looks for the pros and cons of every new task given to her.

August 2015 – Mike Holm

Mike is a Respiratory Therapist in the Cardiopulmonary Department at RRH.

Mike joined RRH as a Respiratory Therapist in the Cardiopulmonary Department in April 2011.   His professionalism,  team spirit, and dedication to co-workers, the patients and the hospital is greatly appreciated.  He is selfless in his decisions for what’s best for the patient and department.  He is a great asset to his department and Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

July 2015 – Pamela Glantz

Pamela is a Wound Care Specialist at RRH.

Pamela joined RRH as a Registered Nurse in Surgery in May of 1996, and then went on to accept the positions of Resource Nurse in August 2010, and Wound Care Specialist in April 2011.  Her extensive experience and in-depth knowledge ensures she is able to provide all RRH patients with excellent wound care.  Always one to advocate for the patient, Pamela’s dedication and attention to detail is second to none. She is a great resource who doesn’t hesitate to pitch in and lend a helping hand, always has a smile on her face, and is in all aspects a true professional.

June 2015 – Lena Hernandez

Lena is a Food Services Assistant in the Dietary Department at RRH.

Lena joined RRH as a Food Service Assistant in the Dietary department in September 2006.  Lena is understanding, kind, caring and compassionate.  She is a dedicated employee who thinks outside the box when it comes to seeing a need.  Lena will pitch in and lend a helping hand wherever needed.  Always with a smile on her face, she is willing to go the extra mile.

May 2015 – Tammy Khalifeh

Tammy is an Executive Assistant in the Administration Department at RRH.

Tammy joined RRH as an Analyst in the Utilization Review department in January 2009.  She went on to accept the position of Executive Assistant in Administration in October 2011.  Tammy is understanding, kind, caring and compassionate. She is an excellent go-to person and a dedicated employee with amazing organizational skills. Tammy will pitch in and lend a helping hand wherever needed.  Always with a smile on her face, she is a true professional.

April 2015 – Jenni Scott

Jenni is a Small Claims Collector in the Patients Account Department at RRH.

Jenni joined RRH as a Small Claims Collector in August 2011.  She went on to accept the additional position of Patient Access Representative in July 2014.  Jenni pursues excellence in all she does aiming to exceed expectations. She shows true compassion with patients and co-workers and is always willing to go the extra mile to complete anything asked of her. .

March 2015 – Maria “Lupe” Ortiz & Thomas Morehead

We had two excellent nominees chosen for the month of March.  Lupe (above) joined Ridgecrest Regional Hospital in May 2007.  She is a Housekeeping Aide and the recipient of many Shining Star acknowledgements.  Thomas (below) joined the Hospital in July 2012.  He is a Desk Top Technician.  Both received many compliments. They are great team players – their ‘can do’ spirits and smiles are a joy to patients and peers alike.

February 2015 – Leticia Zubia

Leticia is a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the Skilled Nursing Facility

Leticia joined as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the Skilled Nursing Facility in August 2014.  She is understanding, kind, caring and compassionate and a true advocate for each resident she works with.  She treats everyone—residents, family members and co-workers with respect.  Leticia is a team player and a dedicated employee.  She will pitch in and lend a helping hand wherever needed.  She does it with a smile on her face.  She is a true professional.

January 2015 – Kai Miller & Holly Maurer

We had two excellent nominees chosen for the month of February.  Kai (above) joined Ridgecrest Regional Hospital in February of 1989.  She is a Resource Nurse in the Outpatient Pavillion.  Holly (below) joined the Hospital in June 2004.  She is a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit.  Both received many compliments. They are both great team players – their ‘can do’ spirits and smiles are a joy to patients and peers.

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