Ridgecrest Regional Hospital History



A picture of Dr. Thomas A. Drummond taken in 1968


In 1932, with his sights set on making a future in Reno, Dr. Thomas A. Drummond stopped en route for gas in the then thriving mining town of Red Mountain. While delayed to patch up the participants of a bar-room brawl, he decided to stay. After a fire destroyed Red Mountain Hospital, he moved to Ridgecrest where the Naval Ordnance Test Station had recently gotten underway. He built a hospital in 1945, later adding an annex and a clinic.

Historical Photo History


Ridgecrest Hospital in 1945

Aerial picture of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital in 1945

Ridgecrest Hospital in 1945

Notice the plane in the left hand side of the picture – Dr. Drummond had his own plane and his runway was located in the current Heritage housing development.

In 1962, Dr. Drummond gave the hospital to the community for one dollar. Up to that point, RCH was a “proprietary” hospital – which meant that Dr. Drummond and 5-6 other doctors owned it.

Aerial picture of Ridgecrest Community Hospital 1973

Ridgecrest Community Hospital in 1973


Ridgecrest Community Hospital Logo in 1973

RCH expanded over the years – a new wing in 1968, an intensive care unit in 1976, and a four-phased construction during 1987.


Ridgecrest Community Hospital in 1986 an aerial view

Ridgecrest Community Hospital in 1986.

Some other worthwhile projects RRH has implemented include: spearheading the development of Sage Community Health Center in the 1990’s to bring primary care to a greater cross-section of area residents; and the purchase of a state-of-the-art MRI unit in 1998 that is housed in a permanent location at the hospital and is not mobile.

RRH’s wonderful Pink Ladies Auxiliary members (founded by Jan Hoagland in 1958) have volunteered thousands of hours each year and have raised funds to purchase much needed equipment, as well as sponsoring numerous health care scholarships.

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital Logo in 1997


Ridgecrest Regional Hospital 21st Century hospital picture plans
A New Age of Health CareSpanning 49,000 square feet, two-story medical tower, new in 2010, offers an unprecedented level of medical expertise.  The medical tower offers a series of improvements over the previous medical facility.  Highlighted by three new, leading-edge surgical suites and larger, more comfortable patient care rooms, the medical tower is a reflection of the commitment RRH has made to the health of its neighbors.Featuring private rooms, a intensive care unit, the inpatient medical surgical wing now referred to as Mountain View, and the Short Canyon Pediatric unit, the medical tower ads 43 beds to the hospital.

With a focus on improving and ensuring the health of our neighbors, this project asserts our position as the leading health care provider for patients in our area.  When it comes to the latest medical technology and treatment, the new medical tower at RRH is certainly leading the way.  For patients in the area, this means the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic abilities are available at a moment’s notice, close to home.

Cafeteria is Now Open and Ready for Diners.  The cafeteria, completed in 2010 as part of RRH’s multimillion-dollar construction and renovation project and is now serving all our guests, both patients, families, and the general public.

If you’re visiting a loved one in the hospital, you don’t have to leave the campus to find nutritious food options.  Swing by our cafeteria and enjoy a quick snack, or a full-course meal prepared by our wonderful chefs.

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