The Billing Office is Here to Assist You

Our billing team at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is happy to bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you. In most cases, your bill will be submitted to your carrier within 10 days of your visit. The majority of our claims are billed electronically to ensure accuracy and confidentiality. After your claim is paid by your carrier, you will be sent a monthly statement reflecting any balance due by you. You will be asked for a deposit during the registration process. Services billed independently include: radiology results, pathology, and emergency physician billing. An RRH itemized statement of your account is available upon request.

For billing questions please call the following number(s) with the appropriate letter of your last name and one of our team members will assist you:


Medicare Medi-cal
760.499.3004 760.499.3005
760.499.3011 760.499.3008


All other insurances:

  760.499.3003    760.499.3012


Worker’s Compensation    760.499.3057


Contracted Services

RRH uses contracted services for certain functions such as radiologists, ER physicians, pathologists, and anesthesiologists. These contracted services provide their own billing service and you will receive separate billings from them. If you have billing questions regarding these services, please contact them at the address or phone number listed below:

Emergency Room Physician Bill

Chase Dennis/Team Health

PO Box 634718

Cincinnati, OH 45263-4718



Radiologist Interpretation Bill

Renaissance Imagine

PO Box 190

Simi Valley, CA 93062

Office – 888-965-0083

Fax – 805-522-6401


Pathology Bill

WDB Inc.

2441 F Street

Bakersfield, CA 93301


We accept all major insurance plans including:

  • Blue Cross (including FEP)
  • Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Geha
  • Pacificare
  • TriWest
  • UFCW
  • United Health Care

We have a financial assistance program for those patients that are uninsured or under-insured. We also offer free assistance to see if you may qualify for one of the many government programs, Medi-cal, SSI, Healthy families, etc. Our qualified team will walk you through the process of qualifying for these programs. For more information please contact our representative at 760.499.3010.  To make a payment by phone please call 760.499.3009.

 Top 25 procedures performed and AVERAGE cost:

(Before insurance payments and adjustments)

Fetal monitoring
 $2175 Cataract aspiration
Skin closure
 $3215 Colonoscopy  $7749
Polypectomy large intestine
 $8052 EGD  $7003
Incision Drainage  $3378 Closed biopsy of large intestine
Packed cell transfusion
 $4510 Lap cholecystectomy
Excision of lesion
 $10,198 Spinal tap
Cataract discission
 $3373 ORIF of radius/ulna with internal fixation
RH immune globulin injection
 $596 CLSD of radius/ulna w/out internal fixation
Eyelid laceration repair  $2579 Occlusion of fallopian tubes
Endometrial ablation
 $17,550 ASP curettage  $11,137
Closed biopsy of breast
 $3357 VAD insertion
Irrigation of vascular catheter
 $1909 Percutaneous abdominal drainage  $3901
Venous catheterization  $9381

Common Outpatient Tests Performed and cost:

(Prior to insurance payment)

MRI – Head $3643 CT- Brain $3830
MRI – Upper Extremity $2643 CT – Upper Extremity $2547
MRI – Pelvis $4070 CT – Pelvis $2778
Digital Mammogram $236 Lipid Panel $170
PSA $115 Chem 14 panel $170
CBC $21  


Financial Assistant Program Policy

In keeping with the philosophy and mission of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (“RRH”), it is the policy of RRH to offer financial assistance to patients who are unable to pay their hospital bills due to difficult financial situations. A RRH Financial Counselor or Business Office Representative will review individual cases and make a determination of financial assistance that may be offered prior to, during, or after services are provided. Upon verifying eligibility for financial assistance, RRH shall offer hospital inpatients and outpatients Charity Care (i.e., free care) or Discounted Care in accordance with this policy and other applicable policies for Medically Necessary Services.

>> Review RRH Financial Assistant Program Policy

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