Health Fairs

IWV Water District Wellness Day 2016

Another great event at the IWV Water District! We were excited to have several providers attend and offer consults as well as have employees check their balance and fall risk and use the InBody body composition analyzer. A big thank you to those providing flu shots, blood pressure check and lab work.

2016 Base Health Fair

RH participated in the annual Base Health Fair in November 2016. A huge thank you to the providers and staff who helped make the Base Health Fair a success!


2015 RRH Community Health Fair

This year’s health fair was truly an event for the whole family to get out and learn more about being healthy and having fun. Please join us for the next health fair on March 12th, 2016 at Kerr McGee.


2014 RRH Community Health Fair

healthfair2014 019  This year’s health fair was a great time for the whole family to learn more about how to get healthy. healthfair2014 013
Adults were able to get their screenings and meet our town’s health and fitness experts. Thank you everyone!! hf2014-2 healthfair2014 027
healthfair2014 023  healthfair2014 015  From the giant walk through brain, to the active Wii games and the obstacle course outside we kept kids busy.

IWV Water District Workplace Wellness Day

RRH offers Wellness Programs to employers in town and provides full blood panels, balance tests, breathing tests, massage, reflexology and a variety of health and wellness information.

IWV Workplace13 007

Health & Wellness Information

October 2013“Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.”~ Joshua Welch.

IWV Workplace13 009

Pulmonary Function Screening

IWV Workplace13 005

Balance Test


IWV Workplace13 014


IWV Workplace13 012


Ridgecrest Regional Hospital would like to thank the IWV Water District for caring about their employees and allowing us to provide this service for them.

IWV Workplace13 006

Full Blood Panel

China Lake Health & Wellness Fair

2014 China Lake Health & Wellness Fair

RRH had several departments participate in the China Lake Health & Wellness Fair. It was a great turn out and a fun time sharing health and wellness information.

2013 China Lake Health & Wellness Fair

RRH participated in the 2013 China Lake Health and Wellness Fair. Everyone had a great time and received helpful resources.

Blood Pressure Checks

Blood Pressure Checks

RRH offered free blood pressure checks.Knowing your blood pressure is important and early detection of high blood pressure can allow a person to get treated for it for a long and healthy life!

Hands Free CPR

Hands Only CPR

Balance keeps you from tipping over! Balance is an everyday activity and improves coordination and posture. How is your balance? basewellness2013 CPR is a lifesaving skill. RRH offered this 5-minute course for free! Learning this basic skill could save the life of someone you love.

Get Balanced

Get Balanced

Knowing how much you can breath out and how fast can tell you the health of your lungs. RRH offered a free test to help detect asthma and other respiratory problems.

Pulmonary Function Screening

Pulmonary Function Screening

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