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January 2015

Harley Baker

Medicare: Advantage Plans
Harley Baker helped explain how many Advantage Plans may not be the best option for certain people. He stressed that you need to research the plans and see where they will be covered and what will be covered. He also stressed that you need to do this every year as things change so often.

May 2014

Amy Fuller, Registered Dietitian

Secrets to Maintaining Weight Loss
Amy Fuller, Registered Dietitian, talked about different tips and tools to help people be aware of their eating habits and ways to combat those bad habits. Amanda Lockie, MSW, also talked about key concepts to help people stay motivated and how to set realistic goals.

January 2014


National Alliance on Mental Illness
NAMI gave a wonderful presentation on Mental Illness and the resources that they offer, such as the Family Support Group and the Peer-to-Peer education course.  They also talked about other resources that are available in town. For further questions call the Wellness Resource Center 760-499-3825.

November 2013

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Linda and Shinjiro from Acupuncture Center of Ridgecrest talked about the various techniques they use (even techniques without needles) to help people with pain, allergies, headaches, smoking cessation and much more.

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August 2013

Ruben Cortez explains to a group of people how the Affordable Care Act will affect health insurance and how those changes will affect them.

The Affordable Care Act
Ruben Cortez from the Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance discussed the four different options under the Affordable Healthcare Act, who those options apply to, enrollment periods, and individual mandates.

April & January 2013

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